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No over-runs or under-runs, you get the quantity of games that you order!

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Just because we have extremely low pricing doesn't mean that we can't provide high quality. We do enough volume to provide low pricing, low minimums and we provide globally superior quality games!

Need a Design or Manufacturing Estimate? Please complete our Estimate Form. Our manufacturing minimum is ONLY 500 games! We can also make prototypes from 1 up!

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Our game boards & boxes are up to 300% the density/thickness of standard games. PLUS we have a strong, special laminated coating on all game board & game box prints for a pristine quality look & feel, durability, and for more years of game play. We manufacture globally superior quality products with low pricing and low minimum orders!
 We Manufacture Various Types of Games Ranging from:
- Standard Board Games
Custom Board Games
Round Board Games
- Vinyl Board Games
- Standard Card Games
  - Custom Card Games
- Trading Card Games
- Educational Flash Card Games
- Game Tins
These are only a small portion of items that we can manufacture, if you don't see it, we can still most likely manufacture it for you.

We make Earth Friendly/Eco Friendly Games, click here

We will provide you with a FREE estimate for the cost to design and/or manufacture your game (please specify which you prefer, or both!) To better assist you, complete our Estimate Form:  

Download Estimate Form, Click Here for a FREE Design &/or Manufacturing Quote!

Download Estimate Form, Click Here for a FREE Design &/or Manufacturing Quote!

can warehouse your games & fill your orders for you as well! We have the facility ready to serve your Distribution needs from individual orders to whole pallets, we can ship it! Warehousing & Order Fulfillment, click here 

Specifications for Using Our Manufacturing Services

File Formats
When providing us with artwork, please provide files in the following formats:
EPS (preferred) in CMYK color mode, 100% in size with crop marks (CorelDraw!, Freehand, Illustrator).  Convert all fonts to curves/outlines. 
TIF in CMYK color mode, 300 dpi, 100% in size with crop marks and fold marks (Fireworks, PhotoPaint, PhotoShop). Do not have fonts smaller than 8pt. text. A minimum bleed of 0.25" on all sides is suggested for all artwork, with 0.5" on the box. Keep all important information within the artwork area (0.25"). 
PDF (ACROBAT) files are acceptable but TIF and/or EPS is preferred for accuracy. PDF files MUST be set for PrePress or Press Quality. 

NOTE: Some delays in the project may occur if submitting files in formats other than EPS or TIF. 

For Manufacturing: All cards should be separate files. Separate files/pages per card on actual sized page, with crop marks and bleed outside the live area. We will create an electronic proof for every item for your review and approval. Once approvals are completed a full color factory sample can be made. After approval, manufacturing will begin. Once completed, the games will then be ready for shipping and delivered to the location(s) of your choice.

For Prototypes: On letter sized (8.5" x 11") pages fitting as many as possible on the page, with crop marks and bleed outside the live area (I.E., 8 up for 3.5x2.5 size, or 10 up for 3.5x2 size, etc.) We will create an electronic proof (emailed) for every item for your review and approval. This process takes approximately 1-2 business days. Once approvals are completed the printing and assembly process will begin. Any changes after this is started may require an additional cost for re-printing and/or assembly for each item changed depending on how far along the project is. 

See a Glossary of Printing Terms (click here)

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