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"As designers, we are synthesizers of information!" - Michael Spahitz Owner, CEO, CCO

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Making Dreams Come True

Read an article about how we started as a game inventor/creative source for tabletop games! Or read details below:

Michael Spahitz has been running his business in some capacity since 1989, beginning with programming and design services in his community. Michael's business offers an assortment of styles and materials.

Innovator Leads the Way to a Successful Board Game Design Business
Story and photos by Chiara Profenna

Valley Electric Association - Write-up

Board Game Design & Manufacturing - Company Interview

Michael Spahitz's Pahrump, Nevada, warehouse bursts with creative energy. The Board Game Design and Manufacturing headquarters sees plenty of imaginative and unique games within its walls. Each year, novice and expert game designers bring their innovative ideas to Michael, where he pieces together the puzzle to produce a finished game. Michael displays colorful custom board games on the headquarters' showroom walls, highlighting only a fraction of the games he has helped create. Cardboard boxes house a diverse array of games, from trivia challenges to strategic games, stylized Monopoly boards and myriad other inventive concepts. The game that started it all sits on the center shelf: DOGOPOLY (The Original Game of High Steaks & Bones).

Inspiration Strikes

Michael and his brother, Rob, grew up playing board games on rainy days in New York. One day, while the boys were playing Monopoly, their dog walked across the board. “Normally, we were very particular about our games;” Rob says. “It's like, 'Don't bother us while we're playing: But we loved our dog so much ... We just went over and hugged him, and somewhere right about then is when we got this inspiration of, 'Wouldn't it be fun if all of the Monopoly properties were named after dogs?’” Not long after, Rob and Michael created the first iteration of DOGOPOLY by taping together sheets of paper and referencing a picture dictionary for dog breed names. Their passion for board games followed them as they grew older, but they never forgot their first venture into game design. “As we got older, we started creating our own games;” Michael says. “I learned how to become a graphic artist and merged the two into offering a service for people online to come to me whether they need design services or just manufacturing services:” Michael eventually established the design business on his own.

Turning Concepts Into Classics

“What we offer is a service for others;” Michael says. “You have a game concept, and we take the concept and bring it to fruition, from the rough concept to a finished product, where we have it manufactured, and it can be sold in stores:” Since 1997, the business has grown from offering only manufacturing services to including graphic design and selling game components on a separate website. Michael has created hundreds of tabletop games, serving individuals and larger corporations from his warehouse in Pahrump. For about 15 years, the business has operated out of this small town an hour outside of Las Vegas. “When I moved to Pahrump, one of the pluses for us was the low overhead;” Michael says. “We could actually have a building where we could do warehousing and order fulfillment:” Looking through the rows of games Michael has helped create, it is apparent no two designs look alike. Vintage games are washed in sepia with old photographs on display while contemporary designs use eye catching graphics and vibrant cartoon characters. According to Michael, he aims to keep singularity and longevity in mind when designing a game.

The Finished Product

The global tabletop games market was estimated at $24.91 billion in 2022 and is projected to grow to $48.69 billion by 2028, according to market research company Arizton. Among the thousands of new games released yearly, Board Game Design and Manufacturing has contributed hundreds since its inception. With hopes of eventually opening his own large-scale manufacturing building, Michael envisions expanding the company's reach and impact. His business is a haven for emerging inventors. "One of the pluses of me being a game inventor and a graphic artist is that I've been through this;' Michael says. "When it comes to helping my customers, I can make a lot of suggestions and advise them on things they might want to consider:' As the CEO, owner, art director and webmaster, Michael prides himself on being able to offer services for anyone with a thought-out concept. He advises aspiring game makers to play and test their games with as many people as possible and to choose a professional designer to create packaging that gives a great first impression. “I enjoy doing this;” he says. “It's a very rewarding job because one of the things that we're doing is helping people to make their dreams come true.”

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We work closely with each client via phone, email and standard mail (whatever makes you comfortable) to ensure that we get the professional design that's needed and meets your approval. No matter where you are around the world, we can design for you! We are out for your best interest whether you need a board game, card game or table top other.

No matter what your needs, we offer the creative expertise and knowledge to get your game designed and produced right the first time.

We can also produce your games in metal tins as well as provide also you with a FREE UPC (bar code) to get you retail ready so you are ready to sell your game in stores (inquire for details).

We can provide also you with a FREE UPC (bar code) to get you retail ready so you are ready to sell your game in stores (inquire for details).

We Are the Tabletop Game Global Leader in Quality Game Manufacturing!

We serve all levels of customers globally from individuals & small businesses/communities to corporations!

We Specialize in Tabletop Games: Board Game Design, Card Game Design, Dice Games, Package Design, Custom Game Pieces, Game Prototypes, Game Manufacturing, Game Printing of Earth Friendly Products, Puzzles & more! We provide globally superior quality.

We also create Custom Monopoly games or types of table top games!


Our original founder Michael is still manages the company everyday Monday through Friday!  

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MJS Creations, LLC (Board Game Designs & Manufacturing) is a North American company located in the South West of the United States. We offer various levels of professional design creating products such as Board Games, Card Games, Domino Games, Dice Games, among other types of Table Top games.

Over the years we have provided services since 1997 for a wide range of companies including:
AMC Networks, American Trauma Society, Episcopal Schools, Harley Davidson, Hasbro, Hubbard-Scientific, J.B. Hunt, HQBBC, Kaiser Permanente, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of America, Little League Baseball, L'Oréal USA, Major League Underwriting, Lockheed Martin, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Marvel, MetLife, Michelin America, Pillow Pets Company, Smith and Wesson, Toyota, and Time Warner Cable to name a few. We've also created games for celebrities as well!