Gladiators: Sword in Your Hand, Fight for Glory or Death, Blood on the Sand
Gladiators©G. Rawlings & P. Combatalade

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Galdiators, war games, Roman, Greek, Warriors, Sword in Your Hand , Fight for Glory or Death, Blood on the Sand, Amazone, Cataphractarius, Gallus, Hoplomachus, Laquerius, Murmillone, Murmillo, Paegniarius, Retiarus, Rudiarius, Samnite, Scissores, Scissors, Secutor, Glory, rivals, Crowd Favor, Live in Glory, or Die Gloriously, Legendary Huntress, Shaggy Giant, Sacred Beast, Poisonous Serpent, The Twin Sword, King of the Beasts, The New Blood, The Condemned, Animal Trainer, The Carver, Crazed Porcine, Mother of Rome, Amazone, Bear, Bull, Cobra, Dimachaerus, Lion, Novici, Noxii, Paegniarius, Scissores, Wild Boar, Wolf